Author: Jen Talley


Jen Tally is a freelance writer, editor and librarian.

Would You Live Abroad?

Over 6 million Americans, not including military and government personnel, live abroad in more than 160 different countries. Americans who live outside the U.S. are not counted in the U.S. census, so this is an estimate based on limited data; however what is known is that the number of American citizens who choose to live in […]

7 Cities that Love Cyclists

Unfortunately, not every city is bike-friendly. We’re not just talking about the number of bike paths, or the quality of the pavement; one important factor to safe urban cycling is the existence of traffic laws that protect cyclists in cases of traffic accidents. To appeal to cyclists, cities also need segregated bike lanes and plenty of accessible, safe places to lock up that bike.

Celebrity Serial Spouses

Some economists and relationship experts claim the divorce rate is falling, at least among certain population. One place where divorce seems to be a daily occurrence, of course, is Hollywood.

Is Breastfeeding in Public a Civil Right?

Why is there still controversy when women choose to breastfeed their children in restaurants, airports, and even at church? What does the law say? Is asking a nursing mother to move or cover up actually discriminatory?

What Are These Super PACs?

As with any new political influence, there are many questions surrounding exactly what Super PACs are and why they are important this year.