Author: Jen Talley


Jen Tally is a freelance writer, editor and librarian.

How Safe is Your Smartphone?

How much information are you carrying around in your purse or back pocket? If you have a smartphone, probably a lot. If your phone is lost or stolen it can be replaced, but the information on the phone may be the greater loss.

The Biggest Problems With Online Gambling

From virtual poker to online lotteries, sports books, and racing forms, finding a place to gamble and something to bet on is easy for anyone with an laptop and internet connection. As a result, the question of whether or not any given gambling site is legal rarely has a straight yes-or-no answer.

The Truth About Kony 2012

In the past week a YouTube video has been making the social media rounds, posted by everyone from your next-door neighbor to celebrities. Not your normal viral sensation featuring puppies, toddlers, or sloths, this video, called “Kony 2012,” was put out by an organization known as Invisible Children (IC).

What Are the Most Common Income Tax Errors?

Thanks to tax-preparation software and online sites, doing your own income taxes is easier than ever before. You’re still the one typing those numbers into the boxes, however, and if you make a mistake entering information, it could end up costing you big time. Here are some common tax-filing errors to avoid.

The Legal Evolution of Birth Control

While a House committee hears testimony from a panel of male religious leaders this week, drawing fire from women’s groups as well as female members of Congress, let’s take a look back at where birth control started and where we’ve ended up.

Can You Really Buy True Love?

If international dating sites are any indication, American men are insanely popular. Are they really the most eligible people on the planet? Or are Americans in high demand on matchmaking websites because marrying a U.S. citizen is the quickest path toward becoming an legal resident of the United States?