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Why Arizona’s Immigration Law Could be Overturned

Arizona has enacted a new immigration law that’s quite controversial. Cries of racism, a nazi state and worse are being thrown around. But whether or not you agree with the effect or spirit of this law, there are serious questions about whether it’s even legal. Learn about why Arizona’s immigration law could be overturned.

Gizmodo Editor Hires Lawyer Over “Stolen” Iphone

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Gizmodo iPhone scandal, here’s a quick primer: Someone finds an iPhone in a bar and notices it doesn’t look normal.  Upon a little investigating, it turns out the iPhone may be an ultra secret prototype left there by a drunken Apple employee. The person who found the […]

Are Free Credit Reports Really Free?

If you’ve spent any time in front of a TV, you’ve probably seen commercials offering you a free credit report. But if the credit report is free, how are these companies paying millions for commercials? Learn the truth about free credit report companies and what the law says about them.

The Lobbyist ‘Holocaust’?

Lobbyists are paid to influence lawmakers on behalf of clients, usually corporations trying to shape the law to boost their bottom lines. This often gives rise to accusations of buying influence and ethics violations.  In response, several states now require lobbyists to wear badges identifying themselves as lobbyists, but some are equating this to Nazi-era […]

Should Fat Be Illegal?

There’s a growing effort in America to ban fatty foods, and it’s not just a fringe movement. Mainstream groups like the American Medical Association have come out in support of banning certain kinds of fats, and some cities have already outlawed them. But how far will this crusade against fat go?

18 Reasons Not to Let Grandma on a Boat [Video]

Taking a senior citizen out on the water may seem like a good idea, but things can get ugly in the blink of an eye. If you’re not careful you could be talking to a maritime lawyer instead of enjoying a sunny day. Take heed, because this is what can happen when you let Grandma […]

10 STD Law FAQ’s

1) If a doctor fails to diagnose your sexually transmitted disease (STD), can you sue? Maybe, but in Colorado, according to Colorado lawyer Jacob Eisenstein, there are at least two problems you’d have to overcome: – It’s not enough that the doctor failed to diagnose the STD. You’d have to prove that the doctor’s diagnosis […]

Federal Air Marshal Program Useless?

While most people appreciate the program, not everyone does. In particular, Tennessee Republican congressman John Duncan, Jr., last year called the Federal Air Marshal program “needless” and “worthless,” saying the $860 million spent annually on the program is a “total waste.” He also described the job of an air marshal as “cushy and easy” because it is simply to “sit on an airplane and fly back and forth, back and forth.”

Two Canadians Possibly Charged with Damaging US Flag

The Canadian National post is reporting that two Canadians could be charged with vandalism in a prank that swapped a Canadian flag for a US one in California.  The incident occurred the night the Canadian and US teams played each other in hockey in the 2010 Olympics. The local police say the men had been […]