Author: Gemma Alexander


Gemma Alexander is a Seattle-based freelance writer specializing in technical topics for general readers. She holds a degree in Horticulture and has worked in a genetics lab and at a landfill. See other things she has written here.

Distracted driving: under the influence of electronics

No, they are not going to take your coffee away. Washington state’s new distracted driving law has sparked confusion and consternation across the state and attracted attention nationwide. But the facts behind the frenzy are relatively straightforward, and given the data on distracted driving, the new rules do make sense. What exactly is Washington’s new […]

4 new rules for short-term renters

To keep housing available to residents, while still allowing homeowners to participate in home-sharing, San Francisco passed a law in 2015 requiring short-term rentals to be registered with the city and limiting the amount of time units could be rented out.

Fear of flying is irrational–or is it?

You would think that the exhaustive—and exhausting—security measures put in place since 9/11 would at least guarantee that no one ever boards the wrong plane again. But you would be wrong.