Author: Rudy Yuly


Rudy Yuly is a Seattle- and San Francisco-based journalist, blogger, and novelist. His second thriller, Blood and Friends, is slated for publication in 2016.

Can the law force you to evacuate in a disaster?

Not every evacuation scenario involves millions of people and massive traffic jams, but authorities across the country are tasked with weighing the risks. Sometimes, they’ll even mandate evacuation if they believe the situation warrants it. But what happens if a resident doesn’t want to leave?

Phone scams and how to beat them

While phone scams come in a vast variety of flavors, and are almost diabolically admirable in their resourcefulness and creativity, there’s one sure way to beat every single one.

Why do presidents get to pardon turkeys? Or people?

Publicly “pardoning” a Thanksgiving turkey in front of the White House has become a cute, and often awkward, annual tradition. But as silly as the tradition may seem, it’s a reminder of the president’s very real power to unilaterally pardon anyone for any federal crime up to and including murder.

How to legally bury someone in your backyard

If you’re really attached to going back to the earth the natural way (and saving money), your backyard might be a viable alternative. In fact, costs associated with a backyard burial can be as low as a couple hundred dollars. It all sounds reasonable in a way, but also creepy and possibly, well…unsanitary. Is this really a thing people can do and not get arrested? That depends.

Cat herding, and the quirks of zoning law

Of course many zoning battles involve more routine disputes between property owners and local officials—arguments over the right to put a third story on a house or to open a business in a residential area. Resolving such disputes often requires the assistance of an attorney who specializes in land use and zoning laws. But if you really want to avoid zoning laws in an urban area, there’s only one sure solution…

How newlyweds can save money on taxes

Your wedding was a blast. Your honeymoon’s a sweet recent memory. Now, as you take the first everyday steps together in your life of wedded bliss, it’s time to think about how being getting hitched makes life different—including getting ready for some new realities when it comes to taxes. So…here’s a few tips to get yourself ready for your first married tax season

Are police abusing civil forfeiture laws?

Civil forfeiture is a process by which police can seize any real property that might be associated with a crime—cars, houses, boats, money, and the like. The concept is in place both as a deterrent and as a way to convert assets from criminal use to other, presumably more positive public concerns. But there are elements of civil forfeiture that can create potential temptations for abuse.

Trump vs. Khan! And the winner is…the Constitution

One of the most memorable moments of the Democratic National Convention came when Gold Star dad Khizr Khan called out Donald Trump on his knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. He then offered to loan the Donald his personal copy. Khan’s scolding remarks about Trump’s ignorance regarding our country’s founding document generated a serious spike in sales for pocket-sized Constitutions.