Author: Michael Holtzman


Michael Holtzman is a graduate of the New England School of Law and a recently licensed attorney in the state of New York. In the past few years, he has worked at the International Criminal Court and for the National Lawyers Guild as a legal observer. He works primarily in the legal aid sector. In addition to his legal experience, he is a freelance writer with a focus on international social and political issues.

Can you predict the next economic crisis?

Once again, fears of a “looming financial crisis” are being sounded by some economists and financial analysts. Should you heed these warnings? Or is this just an indication that economic confidence still has a ways to go?

Is your employer stealing your wages?

As business owners squeeze costs and cut corners by using franchise operators, subcontractors, and temp agencies, government officials are reporting a record number of enforcement actions to curtail what is loosely referred to as “wage theft.”

Can Trump get his protesters arrested?

With the ejection of demonstrators becoming commonplace at Trump rallies and protesters using increasingly aggressive disruption tactics, both sides are claiming their own right to free speech is being violated. Which side is right?

The FBI, Apple, and why privacy matters

After former NSA contractor Edward Snowden notoriously leaked a trove of secret documents detailing how the U.S. government was spying on American citizens, the pendulum of public opinion had arguably swung in the direction of privacy advocates. That swing may have started to reverse.

What do we mean by a “fair” income tax system?

Of the many subjects upon which well-meaning Americans often disagree, federal income taxes are among the most contentious. At a moment when general government gross debt (federal, state, and local) exceeds $19 trillion and income inequality is at its highest point in nearly a century, what does it mean to pay your fair share? Ronald […]