Author: Leigh Raper


Leigh Raper has a degree in English Literature from the University of Miami and a JD from Pepperdine University School of Law, where she concentrated on Contracts, Entertainment Law, and Labor Relations. She received her MFA at the UCR-Palm Desert program for Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts.

How to legally retire abroad

Retirement financial planning is important whether your preferred destination is South Carolina or South America. But if you choose to retire abroad, currency fluctuations can become a huge factor. Many people choose foreign locales because of the destination’s lower cost of living, but a change in exchange rates could impact that perceived value.

The many ways Trump can profit as president

If Trump’s original “blind trust” concept from the debate is not, in fact, a blind trust, does that matter? Not necessarily, at least according to federal law. The main conflict-of-interest law, Section 202 of Chapter 11 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code, does not apply to the president.

How businesses can address the gender pay gap

Equal pay for equal work is a deceptively simple idea. Pay should be based on the job or the value of the work rather than on the gender of the employee. But achieving and maintaining pay equity between men and women isn’t easy. Historical bias—often unconsciously or unintentionally expressed—or simple conflict avoidance both complicate the matter.

Three ways to mess up your prenup

Where there is divorce, there are also prenuptial agreements. These pre-marriage contracts purport to settle issues regarding any distribution of assets in the event of a divorce. And while that might seem pessimistic, a prenup can serve to insulate the relationship from undue concern over asset ownership. But sometimes, the agreement isn’t up to the task.

3 reasons why you need a will right now

A lot of people don’t think they need to worry about a will or estate planning, at least not anytime soon. Even Prince, who had an enormous estate, didn’t have a will. Still, you may have various assets and responsibilities—and preferences regarding how they’re distributed or managed—which, depending on your situation, can make having your affairs settled a more pressing necessity.