Author: Jonah Gruber


Jonah Gruber is a Seattle-based author, humorist, researcher and copywriter. He has written for digital agencies in Chicago and Portland, and done research and editing for numerous television programs and documentaries in New York City. He spends far too much time reading things on the internet, and sometimes must be reminded that without food or water, he will die.

Air-freshener tree makers get sued too

The next time you peruse the array of scented accessories at the gas station counter, debating if you’d like your car to smell like vanilla, pine trees, or green apples, consider the vicious court battles that have transpired over the years in the realm of scented tree-shaped air fresheners.

Will men soon be able to give birth?

Last month, the Cleveland Clinic announced that it had become the first clinic in the United States to offer women a uterus transplant. The procedure offers hope to women who’ve lost their uterus to cancer, were born without a uterus, or who suffer from uterine defects that make childbearing impossible. The news caught the attention […]