Author: Catharine Morisset

Catharine Morisset

Catharine Morisset is a Seattle-based partner with Fisher & Phillips LLP, a national law firm committed to providing practical business solutions for employers’ workplace legal problems with more than 300 attorneys in 31 offices nationwide. Catharine routinely works with her clients defending not only employee lawsuits and agency investigations, but also to proactively train managers, create policies, and develop strategies to prevent employment claims from arising. She is admitted to practice in Alaska and Washington State.

If you smoke pot, you can still get fired

Federal law says that pot is as dangerous as heroin, more addictive than cocaine, and has no accepted medical purpose. Yet 23 states and DC have legalized medical marijuana in some form. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and D.C. have also de-criminalized recreational marijuana use. For the average worker – and their employers – this federal-state law paradox can have huge impact in the workplace.