Meet Tux: Avvo Dog of the Month

Avvo is a dog-friendly workplace, and we love to celebrate the office companions who make our days more fun! Inside Avvo will be featuring a different Avvo dog every month for the balance of 2017. This month, meet Tux, owned by Amanda Wallen, an Attorney Advocate.

Tux and Amanda Wallen

When did you get Tux and where did you get him from?

I got Tux from a small family breeder in Longview, WA. This is a special situation and we have been fortunate to take him back down there a couple of times to play with his mom and dad, a few of his aunts and uncles, along with a brother and sister.

How did you decide on his name?

He was originally named Ace because of the dot on his head, but we renamed him Tux, short for Tuxedo because he’s always wearing one!

How often do you bring him to work?

I bring Tux to work as often as I can. When I do, we always stop by and greet all his friends and coworkers on the floor, he says hi to everyone. It usually takes him a few days to recover from playing so much!

What’s his favorite treat?

Tux is a verified health nut; he loves fruits and veggies. His favorites are sweet potatoes and watermelon.

What about Tux makes you smile?

He always wiggles his butt, and when he gets super excited his body contorts into the shape of a “U.” This makes everyone fall in love with him, especially if they didn’t love him already.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Outside of work, Tux and I are constantly exploring all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. We enjoy hiking, and he’s even been crabbing! His favorite might be paddleboarding. I trained him to balance on the paddleboard, and we love cruising on the water together.

If Tux were a person, who would he be?

Tux is so much like Jim Carrey. He has such a high energy level and always finds a way to make you laugh with his crazy antics. He always steals the show.