Meet Taro: Avvo Dog of the Month

The 141st Westminster Dog Show begins next week, and while our Avvo dogs may not be competing on the big stage, we think they’re “Best in Show” caliber anyway. To celebrate our favorite office companions, Inside Avvo will be featuring a different Avvo canine companion every month for the balance of 2017.  

Taro and Mary Callaghan

When did you get Taro and where did you get her from?

“Doggy” was my first word, so it’s safe to say that having my own pup is something I’ve long dreamed of. When my landlord gave me the okay to get a puppy this September, I started looking on Craigslist. I found a listing with almost no detail but a very cute photo of a Goldendoodle puppy! The family originally supposed to bring her home fell through, so I had fate on my side when we met. Taro was mine within 24 hours of sending that email.

How did you decide on her name?

We were going back and forth on names, but I wanted to give her a food-related name. Then, I ordered a Taro bubble tea at a shop near my apartment and it just clicked. Short and sweet.

How often do you bring her to the office?

Too often! I bring her on days I don’t have appointments or long meetings. Luckily for us, this happens to be most days.

What’s her favorite treat?

She loves Himalayan Chews (a hard pressed yak milk treat), and we often share apples and carrots.

What about Taro makes you smile?

There’s a very long list! Taro audibly squeaks almost every time she yawns, which gets me every time. I like watching her stretch her gangly limbs and seeing her play in snow for the first time (and looking like a very happy Al Pacino in the style of Scarface). Also watching Taro decide that she likes and trusts someone new is so validating to me. She’s very shy with most people, so seeing her wag her tail and jump on someone to hug them makes me a proud mama!

What is your favorite thing to do together?

I’m an avid hiker, and Taro has been on every hike I’ve done since September. She’ll go off-leash on most of the trails we hike and is totally in her element in open spaces. Taro is great about running ahead and circling back to check in on the group. She’s a natural!

If Taro were a person, who would she be?

Taro is the cast of Parks and Recreation. She’s definitely a little April Ludgate, but she has the clumsiness of Andy Dwyer. She has the spunk of Leslie Knope and the sass of Donna. Taro is unencumbered like Tom Haverford and sometimes a little grumpy like Ron Swanson. Taro doesn’t relate to Jerry/Gary/Larry at all, she’s always the star of the show. We like her that way.