An Avvo ode to our MiiR tumblers

At Avvo, like any true-to-its-roots Seattle company, we drink a lot of coffee. We also like to support and partner with companies whose values align with our own. Both of these factors made purchasing MiiR tumblers for our employees an easy decision.

MiiR was founded in Seattle by Bryan Pape, who was inspired to leave a positive legacy and footprint on the world after a ski accident. In the beginning, MiiR focused on hydration products – water bottles and tumblers – but has since branched out to bikes and messenger bags. Each and every item sold is connected to a trackable giving project. Every tumbler Avvo purchased, for example, provides water for one person for a year, and comes with a code that allows you to see where your purchase had impact. MiiR also donates five percent of annual revenue to help “people live better lives through investments in clean water, bicycle transportation and education.”

“MiiR is impacting the lives of so many people around the world, every single day,” said Jennifer White, Recruiting Coordinator at Avvo. “I also really love my MiiR tumbler because of its simplicity. I know my drink isn’t going to spill and I also know how easy the tumbler is to clean. It’s a win-win.”

MiiR is very intentional in its design, calling out its four core principles: timeless, thoughtful, beautifully simple, and sustainable. And in fact, this is conveyed in each and every product, as expressed by Emily Randazzo, Director of Sales Strategy and Enablement. “The color and design are nice, but I love the intention of MiiR and how it mirrors our own values – it’s a nice partnership,” Emily said. “It’s a great reminder of why Avvo is so great, too!”

We’ve only found a couple of downsides to MiiR, if you can even call them that. “The only con is that it’s difficult for me to use,” said Anthony Jones, Software Test Engineer, “since my wife usually gets to it first.” He also said he’d prefer if it was dishwasher safe, but echoes Jennifer’s sentiments in that it’s easy to hand wash because of the design with “no ridges or grooves for yucky things to grow.”

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