Author: Mary Fetzer


Mary Fetzer is a professional freelance writer and editor. She has 10 years of experience writing articles, blog posts, and press releases for online publications and has covered an enormous range of topics ranging from personal finance and international trade to pregnancy and senior living. Mary has a business degree from Penn State and a tremendous passion for words (and good grammar). She lives with her two daughters in Central Pennsylvania. Check out Mary's work on Contently.

Can my employer force me to work on Thanksgiving?

Black Friday seems to start earlier every year, to the dismay of retail workers nation-wide. Though there are many assumptions about what employers can and can’t request from their employees on holidays, the laws around their rights, and those of their workers, are clear.

Fraternity hazing is just college-level bullying

Anti-bullying efforts aim to keep our children from becoming victims of bullies as well as from becoming bullies themselves, but the problem doesn’t end when young people reach 18. Take college Greek life, for example, where bullying goes by another name: hazing.

6 qualities to look for in a lawyer

Enlisting the services of an attorney is serious business – you’re not doing it just for kicks. It can be hard to know where to start, so to interview potential lawyers with confidence, use our handy checklist for must-have qualities.

Discovery: Finding hidden assets in a divorce

Before becoming an attorney, Moore conducted high-tech investigations to locate assets. “It’s costly,” she says of conducting a full discovery, “and it’s rare that one finds anything new as far as assets and information.” That said, the psychological benefits of full discovery can be as valuable as finding hidden assets.

The challenges of renting to college students

A real estate attorney can help you draft a lease that is specifically designed for college students, with options for co-signers (college students don’t have a lot of credit, usually) and stipulations dealing more specifically with damage, noise, and maximum occupancy.

How to make renting a home more like buying a home

Ultimately, young adults are making the decision to bypass homeownership based on their financial reality. “Almost every client I have has thousands of dollars in student loans coupled with a few thousand in credit card debt,” says Triplemint agent Amy McDonald.