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Are men more likely to cheat before asking for divorce?

“People who filed for divorce have reached a point in their lives where they are no longer able to honor the commitment they made in their wedding vows,” says Hokemeyer. “People tend to go outside the parameters of the relationship to see what that’s like to break their commitment. It’s the experimental part of the break up. The infidelity is a steppingstone that leads to the ultimate breach of the relationship.”

Can a bridesmaid sue a bride for firing her?

Bridal party positions do not come with job descriptions, but some brides believe every bridesmaid should pay whatever price and do whatever job she is assigned to make the bride happy. Fail to deliver on these expectations and you could find yourself without a place at the altar come wedding day.

Should you ask your partner for a ‘postnup’?

A postnup can be broad or focused and include one or several items, but the agreement will be customized to the couple. Making this legal decision together can be empowering. On the flip side, if one half of a couple proposes a postnup, the other party will need to get beyond the concern that their spouse is planning a swift exit from the marriage.

Why your parents handed you a lease

“There are two reasons why a parent would enter a lease agreement with their Millennial adult child,” says William Aronin, attorney with the New York City law firm Perry & Aronin. “They are trying to teach their child responsibility or create obligations and structure for their child; or the parents need financial help and need to start charging rent.”

How to get a prenup even after you’re already married

As the name implies, while a prenup happens before the vows are said, “postnups” are drafted after the marriage has taken place, whether it’s days, months, or years later. Both are legal documents that serve essentially the same purpose, though a different set of circumstances will need to be considered for a postnup.

Dreadlocks: A legal landmine in the American workplace

Qualifications for a job are, in most cases, based on experience and education. Hiring managers don’t choose interview candidates based on attractiveness. But once you do meet in-person, another ballgame begins. If you walk in with dreadlocks, depending on the open-mindedness and policies of the hiring company, you might find yourself on the outside looking in.