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Can you spy on your short-term renters?

“A renter may have a cause of action against a landlord if video surveillance has been installed in area where the renter has a ‘reasonable expectation of privacy.’ This could be areas such as a bedroom, bathroom, or even living room,” says Anthony Shallat, an attorney with Angstman Johnson in Boise, Idaho.

Millennials and polyamory: Will dating ever be the same?

Are millennials testing out non-monogamy in search of something purer than the relationships they’ve been experiencing? A YouGov study found that only 51 percent of people under age 30 believe their ideal relationship is a completely monogamous one. And a recent Avvo study on relationships found that modern marriages are more romantic than practical.

The hazards of marrying into debt

Instead of thinking of a prenup or postnup as a sign that your relationship is doomed, frame this smart legal choice as a major benefit to your union. “What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is yours” doesn’t have to be taken so literally, especially if it has the potential to tank someone’s credit score or financial foundation

Why do men like online dating more than women?

Psychology Today identifies different types of men who are drawn to online dating (based on reports of women who date online), including men who are just looking, men who are ready to experiment as much as possible without commitment, and men who are seeking their perfect fantasy.

Are men more likely to cheat before asking for divorce?

“People who filed for divorce have reached a point in their lives where they are no longer able to honor the commitment they made in their wedding vows,” says Hokemeyer. “People tend to go outside the parameters of the relationship to see what that’s like to break their commitment. It’s the experimental part of the break up. The infidelity is a steppingstone that leads to the ultimate breach of the relationship.”