Author: Elizabeth Weiss


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Wrestling with freedom of speech

The cases against Sonoko Tagami and Desiree Fairooz paint similar pictures of the limitations of Free Speech in the face of political pressures and social norms. From a topless protest in Chicago to the Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing, the 1st Amendment can seem a bit unclear.

7 reasons a cop might think you’re driving drunk

A police officer only needs to have a reasonable suspicion that you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing behind the wheel to have a lawful reason to pull you over. Don’t be surprised to see flashing lights behind you on the highway if any of the things on this list are common habits for you.

How businesses and consumers assess risk

Waiver forms generally say that the person signing the document is “assuming the risk” of being injured. Find out how waivers can – and can’t – absolve businesses and consumers of the liability in the case of injury.

Free speech vs. free speech

No one ever said the First Amendment was pretty and tied up with a neat little bow. Protests are, inherently, about disrupting the status quo. But what if a white supremacist group is spewing hate across campus – can no one say a word in response? Does the University of Wisconsin consider hate speech free speech?

Bikes and cars can be a dangerous mix

As traffic gets worse in Seattle and other metropolitan areas, many are turning to commuting by bicycle. Cities are working to improve their infrastructure to accommodate the rise in cyclists, but there are important tactics to bike safely in an urban area.

Selling your home? To disclose or not to disclose

If you neglect to provide thorough disclosures for the property you’re selling, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit down the road. If a major problem occurred but has since been repaired, disclosing the issue – especially if it could potentially happen again or repairs were costly – is the safest route.