Author: Elizabeth Weiss


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Selling your home? To disclose or not to disclose

If you neglect to provide thorough disclosures for the property you’re selling, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit down the road. If a major problem occurred but has since been repaired, disclosing the issue – especially if it could potentially happen again or repairs were costly – is the safest route.

How the new health care bill affects women

While both sexes are subject to pre-existing medical problems—say cancer or diabetes—women seem likely to get hammered on this front. Consider that the following women’s healthcare issues are being floated as pre-existing conditions: rape, domestic violence, C-sections, and postpartum depression.

Why trampoline parks keep getting sued

Trampoline park guests sign waivers, acknowledging the obvious risks in the activity in which they and their children are about to partake. Signing away your rights to sue if your kid gets injured, however, obviously puts you in a weak position in case of mishaps.

Will hiring a maid save your marriage?

New research suggests you could be happier if you pay other people to do the tasks you dread. So it’s fine if you truly do enjoy household chores, but if you don’t, getting some help will reduce stress about the limited time you have in a day, and arguably create greater overall satisfaction in life.

How your attorney can beat your DUI

Asking someone to stand on one leg or do the walk-and-turn successfully—often in a rushed or unorganized manner—will result in the officer’s subjective opinion. But balancing on one foot is a challenge for teetotalers on a good day.