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New Avvo study busts divorce myths in California

A new study conducted by Avvo shows that some longstanding assumptions and persistent stereotypes about divorce are being challenged by a shift in cultural values regarding long-term relationships. The study, conducted in California, uncovered data showing that many no longer view divorce as a failure, or a result of not “trying hard enough,” nor do they see marriage as something that is necessarily supposed to last a lifetime.

Avvo survey: Seattle renters struggling with explosive rent increases

A recent Avvo survey looking at the experiences and attitudes of renters in Seattle found over eight in ten (83%) believe rental prices are too high. The averages bear out that opinion: when surveyed, the average tenant in Seattle pays $1,251 per month, as compared to the national average of $1,051 per month. That pricing pressure is reflected in the difficulty of finding good rental options, as nearly three-quarters (72%) said it was tough to find a good place to rent.

Avvo survey finds Boston renters value lower rent, better security

A recent survey by Avvo looking at the experiences and attitudes of renters in Boston, found that more than four out of five (81%) Boston-area renters believe rental prices are too high. Interestingly, although renters in other areas of the country with a growing tech industry blame the industry for causing rents to spike – 76% of renters in San Francisco, 57% in Austin and 58% in Seattle said this was true – less than one third of Boston area renters (29%) said the same.

Avvo expands legal services coverage to four new states

On the heels of recently announcing new options for their fixed-fee legal services, it appears Avvo is widening the availability of those services as well. Residents in Tennessee, Minnesota, Missouri and Oregon have now joined 18 other states in which Avvo has rolled out their full suite of legal options.